Although regional variation in medicare[1] is definitely recognized, 1 studies describing variation in intervention rates across geographic areas still appear regularly in medical journals[2]. This primer is supposed to help readers seem sensible of reports about geographic variation. We concentrate on two basic questions: 1) The amount variation there has to be? 2) The causes of variation? Regional rates of medical interventions always vary. Chance alone creates a point of variation in intervention rates, particularly if many geographic areas are compared. Although debate remains about which technique is best, a number of statistical approaches enables you to assess the role of chance in studies of geographic variation.2 Thinking about the entire sequence of steps through which someone ultimately reaches surgery (or any medical intervention) can be a useful method to view the potential explanations for geographic variation (Figure 2).

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Primer on Geographic Variation in Health Care

Although regional variation in medicare[12] is definitely recognized, 1 studies describing variation in intervention rates across geographic areas still appear regularly in medical[13] journals. This primer is supposed to help readers seem sensible of reports about geographic variation. We concentrate on two basic questions: 1) The amount variation there has to be? 2) The causes of variation? Regional rates of medical interventions always vary. Chance alone creates a point of variation in intervention rates, particularly if many geographic areas are compared. Although debate remains about which technique is best, a number of statistical approaches enables you to assess the role of chance in studies of geographic variation.2 Thinking about the entire sequence of steps through which someone ultimately reaches surgery (or any medical intervention) can be a useful method to view the potential explanations for geographic variation (Figure 2).

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